Waste Water Treatment with PolyClay

Waste water treatment is achieved through flocculation using PolyClay for excellent filtration

PolyClay waste water treatment and water filtrationWaste water treatment with PolyClay products is fast and easy. PolyClay waste water treatment products are based on natural minerals. They are powdered semi-granular formulations, which are added directly into the waste water. The components of the formulations dissolve and react in sequence. They work by pH adjustment, precipitation, ion exchange, coagulation and flocculation. The PolyClay waste water treatment offers many advantages over traditional treatment methods.

Waste Water Treatment Benefits using PolyClay Chemistry

  • Waste water treatment with PolyClay can eliminate the handling of strong liquid acids and alkalis.
  • PolyClay  typically eliminates the need to pre-mix solutions prior to waste water treatment.
  • PolyClay  usually encapsulates the contaminants to prevent them leaching back out of the sludge at the landfill site. This reduces the hazardous classification of the sludge and hence substantially reduces disposal costs.
  • PolyClay  significantly improves the dewatering of the sludge produced after waste water treatment and prevents blinding of the filter press or filter media.
  • Filter press cakes will typically contain 50 - 60% solids.
  • PolyClay  is usually more efficient in removing metals from waste water.
  • PolyClay  typically reduces COD and suspended solids levels more effectively than traditional methods during waste water treatment.
  • PolyClay  has fast reaction, flocculation and settling times which enables rapid processing of waste water.

Waste Water Contaminants Typically Removed by PolyClay Include:

  • Heavy metals
  • Water borne paints
  • Latex
  • Water based inks
  • Suspended solids
  • Dyes
  • Oils
  • Adhesives
  • Phosphates
  • Many other contaminants which contribute to non soluble COD levels are also removed.

Waste Water Treatment with PolyClay is Supported by CTECH's Experienced Technical Team

CTECH's technical team, laboratory and pilot plant facilities give ongoing support to their customers and are constantly working to improve their range of PolyClay flocculation formulations and waste water treatment systems / effluent treatment systems.

PolyClay product development has led to many different blends tailored to treat a wide spectrum of industrial waste water by flocculation. CTECH is constantly identifying new ways to treat waste waters that have proved difficult to treat by traditional flocculation methods. 

Waste Water Treatment Systems / Effluent Treatment Systems

CTECH also supply a wide range of treatment systems, which are designed to optimise the performance of the PolyClay flocculation products and therefore provide the most effective treatment process. Treatment systems can be individually designed for customer's specific requirements.

CTECH also specialize in adapting and improving existing waste water and effluent treatment systems for use with PolyClay flocculation products.

Waste Water Treatment with PolyClay Flocculation....how does it work?

PolyClay waste water treatment and flocculation cycle
Waste Water Treatment Examples of Applications and Industries are:

Glass Industry Waste Water:
Specifically for the glass industry CTECH have developed specialist PolyClay flocculation formulas to remove the very fine glass particles from the grinding process waste water. Through this highly efficient removal of particles it is possible to increase the use time of the waste water used in the grinding process before replacement is required. Examples of benefits are longer life span of drills and grinding/cutting tools, higher accuracy, less cleaning and changing of waste water in the collecting tanks.

Paint Industry Waste Water:
By treating the cleaning waste water that occurs during the production of paint with PolyClay flocculation products, the waste water can then be discharged to the sewer. Pigments are encapsulated with the benefit that heavy metals will not leach out. This often reduces the cost for disposal to landfills.

Paint Shop Waste Water:
Different PolyClay flocculation products and waste water treatment systems ensure an economic treatment of the water curtain in spray booths. PolyClay also treats the cleaning waste water that results from cleaning of the spray guns. Simple handling allows for economic and trouble-free usage by the operators.

Waste Water that Contains Oil and Grease:
Specialist PolyClay flocculation formulas have been developed to remove oils and grease emulsions from waste water. CTECH also supply oil skimmers for removal of floating oil and grease.

Waste Water from the Corrugated and Paper Industries:
Successful removal of flexo inks and glues from the waste water of corrugated box plants.

Waste Water from the Metal Industry and Galvanic Industry:
PolyClay flocculation products are used to remove metals, heavy metals, oil and grease that can be found in waste water generated in the metal industry.
In the galvanic industry the surface treatment of metals typically results in a lot of heavy metals in the waste water which then need to be removed before discharging to the sewer.

Waste Water from the Furniture and Wood Industry:
PolyClay flocculation products efficiently remove phosphates from waste water that occur during the production of steel furniture. Additionally for the wood industry PolyClay can provide a solution to removing the glues from the waste water.

Waste Water Containing Glue and Latex:
Removal of suspended solids (glues and latex) in waste water. Very often companies are challenged in their ability to filter the sludge after waste water treatment. PolyClay improves this process considerably.

PolyClay flocculation products and CTECH waste water treatment / effluent treatment systems are also used as a pre-treatment for those waste streams that are hard to treat. After pre-treatment with PolyClay the waste water can then be further treated with ultra filtration, biological treatment and/or other waste water post-treatment processes. 


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