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Management of wastewater treatment is critical

Effective primary wastewater treatment is critical to plant operations, whether companies are discharging directly to the municipal sewer system or treating prior to a secondary treatment process such that the wastewater can be reused.

Industrial Wastewater Treatmemt

Our Machines

PolyClay® Chemistry

Our unique formulas that drive it all

PolyClay® products are blended formulations based on natural minerals. They are powdered semi-granular formulations which are added directly into the wastewater. PolyClay® can eliminate the handling of strong liquid acids and alkalis. Typically eliminates the need to pre-mix solutions prior to treatment.

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The Benefits

Why Choose CTECH?

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  • We’re Experienced

    We have vast experience in the treatment of industrial wastewater since 1975.

  • PolyClay® Products

    Our unique flocculation products offer cost effective and robust wastewater treatment processes.

  • Minimise Costs

    Experts in being able to reduce the complete wastewater treatment cost process.

  • Remote Support

    We can tap in and take over to ensure your machine is performing smoothly.

  • User Friendly Systems

    Our machines are all user friendly and require minimum maintenance.

  • Full Pilot Units Available

    Pilot scale equipment is available for use on site or at our facility.

Our Trusted Brands

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