Auxiliary Product

  • Our In-Tank pH Control system makes it Ideal for Batch Treatment Processes
  • Stainless Steel and PVC Construction
  • Auto Flushing Water Wash of pH Probe after Measurement
  • Optional Small Control Panel and Dosing Pumps
  • Available for worldwide delivery

System Description

CTECH manufacture a pH measuring and control system that allows for the probe to remain in situ inside the processing tank even when the tank is empty. This makes it ideal for batch treatment processes.

Key Facts:

  • Stainless Steel and PVC Construction
  • pH Control of Liquids
  • pH Probe & Transmitter
  • Innovative Pneumatic Close/open Cup System

In-tank pH Control System Advantages

  • Batch Dosing

    Ideal for Batch Dosing processes where the process tank can be empty for periods

  • Calibration

    Easy Calibration Process

  • Quick Replacement

    Push-in fitting for quick replacement of pH probes

  • Choice in Lengths

    Various probe immersion lengths available, 150mm to 800mm

  • Control Panel Options

    Associated control panel and dosing pumps available as options

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