It is the policy of CTECH-Europe that we will continuously work towards minimising our effect upon the environment in any way we can, providing it is reasonably practicable for us to do so.

We will review our methods with the aim of improving our environmental performance towards; waste minimisation, disposal and recycling, energy efficiency, transport, water usage and emissions. Where we cannot eliminate an issue, and we expect there will be many issues that will be beyond our reasonable control, we will aim to mitigate issues.

We will review our methods and their environmental impact at the planning and design stage as well as during an ongoing process and annual review. The review will cover training, legal compliance and best practice.

In the unlikely event of an environmental issue, senior management will be personally involved in the full investigation and solution.

The company’s Environmental Management system, which is an integral part of the Integrated Management System (IMS) and has been established to conform to the contractual and regulatory requirements as stated in the International Standard BS EN ISO 14001.

We will be committed to ensure that everyone involved with CTECH-Europe, including employees, supply chain and contractors will work towards the aims of this policy.

Daniel Davies

Managing Director

 June 2021

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