This large print manufacturer needed to replace an existing three stage liquid polymer process which was proving to be inconsistent and causing numerous problems such as capacity issues, sludge being clogged up in the tank along with being settled in the haulier trucks, sludge having to be cleaned out of flat bottom wastewater treatment tanks which in turn was causing production delays and increasing disposal costs. 

What We Did

  • PolyClay reduced total solids from an average of 23,500mg/l to 1,800 mg/l. Labour costs reduced by 60%
  • PolyClay reduced C.O.D from an average of 15,000mg/l to 1,800mg/l
  • Wastewater treatment costs reduced by 43%

Changes Customer Wanted

  • Reliable System

    Install a Wastewater Treatment System that was consistent

  • Automatic System

    Have system run automatically after started by an operator each day

  • Relieve Staff Duties

    Allow the system operator to conduct other tasks in the factory

  • Dewater the sludge

    So it could be disposed of to landfill

  • Wastewater Disposal

    Have treated wastewater be clean enough to meet local sewer discharge limits

  • Payback

    Achieve a payback of less than 12 months

Feedback from the Client

CTECH were very easy to work with, they made the process clear and installed a great system that has saved us a lot of time and wastewater costs.

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