As of June 2021 Dan Davies will take over the Role of Managing Director from Bruce Smith who has driven CTECH forwards since it was officially established back in December 1999.

CTECH has maintained a consistent business plan of providing process solutions for industrial wastewater that are effective in terms of treatment and total cost efficiency. CTECH has always looked at each project with an eye on how we can improve with the next project, something that allows the business to develop.

The decision to appoint Dan as Managing Director is part of a long term business strategy that CTECH has worked torwards since it's inception. CTECH as it is now known was started on 1 December 1999. However, our UK operation dates back to 1996 and our German operation to 1975. Both units were purchased by the current owners in December 1999. 

"I turned 65 in May of this year and felt CTECH is ready for a change so that it is equipped for the future. Over the past four years we have put the right people in place that will drive the business forward. I will remain involved in the business as Chairman of the Board"

Bruce Smith

Company Chairman

Dan's Journey at CTECH

Dan Davies joined CTECH in September 2011 as an Electrical Engineering Apprentice. Whilst serving his time as an apprentice Dan worked for CTECH in multiple roles including service and repairs, treatment system installations, training, testing, site surverys and customer service. It was clear that with this attitude towards work Dan was capable of fufilling multiple roles effectively.

Dan was appointed the role of 'European Sales Manager' in January 2017 and it wasn't too long after he was promoted to 'Director of Sales and Technical Operations in September 2018. Under Dan's leadership sales have been able to thrive for CTECH and have increased by 77% over the past 4 years with further growth in expected during 2021.

"The plan is to create new positions in the field of production and finance over the next three to five years, at which point I hope to enjoy full retirement. The company is being placed in very capable hands and we have every confidence CTECH will continue to see record growth over the next five years."

Bruce Smith

Company Chairman

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